If you have been in an accident that was another driver’s fault, you have every right to file a lawsuit. People who are reckless and inattentive on the road should be held accountable when their dangerous habits cause accidents.

The pain and strain that the accident has caused you should be acknowledged, and you should get justice for the damages received to your health and financial well-being. The first thing you should do is contact a personal injury attorney in Torrance. The person or insurance company you intend to file the action against will put up a fight. It is imperative that you have a legal strategy, or at least the beginnings of one, in place before you take official action.

Speaking to a personal injury lawyer in Torrance will allow you to tell your story. You will be able to recount the moments that led up to the accident and all that you have suffered since then. Your attorney will listen carefully to what you have to say and determine if you have a case.

Being in an accident can turn your entire life upside down. You may need to stay in hospital for weeks or months on end, and you may have to go through a prolonged and painful rehabilitation period. All of this costs money, and it is right that the person responsible for this downward turn in your affairs be made to pay.

You will lose wages while you recover and may even lose your job. When you return to work, you may find yourself having to take a lower-paying job or reduce the number of hours you work because of your injury.

Recovering fully from an accident is like starting all over in life. Working with a lawyer will help you get the compensation required to offset the tremendous expense of doing so.

Personal injury lawyers specialize in the field of tort law. In the city of Torrance, the Molchan law firm is the best in the business. The firm has been helping the people of Southern California stand up for themselves and their rights for over 35 years. The highly dedicated and superbly skilled personal injury attorneys at the Molchan law firm have handled cases of all kinds, including construction accidents, wrongful death, and automobile accidents. They will provide the legal advice and representation you need to get justice.

Here are some of the actions the Molchan firm will take in pursuit of your personal injury lawsuit:

1. Gather the facts
One of the first moves the firm will make is to get access to the police photographs of the crash site. If you were able to take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and the injury to yourself, these will also be used. The Molchan law firm will send its own professional investigators to the scene for a fresh examination and the collection of more evidence. These investigators will also re-interview witnesses and look into the background of the person responsible for the accident.

2. Employ forensic evidence
Forensics is not only used in murder cases. Any kind of violent event that leaves marks, materials, and other types of trace evidence can be discerned and analyzed using forensic science. The Molchan law firm will get a team of medical experts and accident reconstruction specialists to review your case. That is why it is so important for you to be examined by a physician right after your accident. The documentation from such an exam can be submitted as evidence.

Independent physicians can make a sworn statement or testify in court if necessary about the seriousness of your injuries and how they could have only been caused by the crash. Accident reconstruction experts can put together simulation of the events leading up to crash based on the forensics that the Molchan firm’s investigators were able to gather.

3. Using the law
To win your case, you must be able to prove that the accident was caused by the recklessness or negligence of the respondent, that you were a victim of the accident, and that it caused you severe injuries. You will also need to put forward a specific dollar amount you are seeking in compensation. The Molchan law firm has the experience to make a sound and convincing argument on your behalf. They can also help you come up with a specific figure for compensation.

The case may not go to trial. The respondent may decide to settle. If that happens, then the Molchan firm will negotiate a settlement that is commensurate with all that you have had to endure and suffer.