When Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Because Los Angeles has good, warm weather for most of the year, it is no surprise that residents love to enjoy outside activities. One activity that is often enjoyed is a nice motorcycle ride. There are thousands of motorcyclists on the road at any given time in the state. Because of this, it is essential for motor vehicle drivers to constantly stay on alert for motorcycle enthusiasts. It can be even more imperative to watch for riders on the weekends or at special events.

The use of motorcycles means more use of motorcycle accident attorneys Los Angeles. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When a motorcycle is involved, the accidents can be tragic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration constantly gathers statistics based on motorcycle accidents. These statistics are often used when hiring a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer for a case.

Around 52% of accidents involving motorcycles occur during the evening hours of the week. The peak time is between 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. At least five percent of those accidents result in death. Motorcyclists over age 40 account for more than half of those fatalities. When this happens, it is imperative to hire the help of the best motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Who Is Commonly At Fault During Motorcycle Accidents?
The University of South Florida conducted a research study in 2013. Once completed, they found that almost 60% of the time, the drivers in the other vehicles were at fault when they collided with the motorcycles. Because motorcycles have a smaller profile than normal vehicles, motorists need to remain cautious and vigilant while driving.

Motorcyclists do not have the protection of bumpers, lane assistance technology, seatbelts or other gadgets most cars have to alert them of the numerous dangers out on the road while driving. When in a collision, motorcyclists are often thrown from their bikes into the roadways, at other vehicles or objects near the roads.

Top Types of Accidents Involving Motorcycles and Other Vehicles
Any time you are involved in an accident with a motorcycle, whether you are the driver of the bike or other vehicle, it is important to hire the help of a reputable
personal injury attorney in Torrance
for help. Motorcycle accident attorneys Los Angeles will help you navigate the complexities of your accident case.

•Head-On Collisions
According to the NSC (National Safety Council), around 78% of motorcycle accidents that cause fatalities are when cars strike motorcycles head-on. In most cases, the rider of the motorcycle will become airborne during the crash.

The council recommends following tips for motorcycle riders to try and avoid ending up in a head-on collision with another vehicle out on the road.

  • Scan or read the road ahead of you looking for obstacles.
  • Drive over to the right side of the road.
  • Reduce your speed significantly.
  • Steer off the road onto the shoulder or on the grass.
  • Vehicle Takes Left Turn In Front Of Motorcycles

Around 40% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle taking a left turn in front of the bike and cutting them off. These types of accidents usually happen at intersections.

•Car Pulls Into Lane Of Motorcyclist
Motorists need to be vigilant when changing lanes in traffic. Motorcycles can often be in blind spots. Motorcyclists also need to be vigilant while riding and look for signs a vehicle will be changing lanes such as wheels turning and the use of turn signals.

Hiring A Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
A motorcycle accident can be devastating for all involved. When it unfortunately happens, it is important to hire the help of the best motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles. A motorcycle attorney or personal injury attorney in Torrance can assist motorcycle accident victims who have been injured. Not only can the accident cause physical harm, but it can also affect wages and quality of life. Getting fair compensation after a motorcycle accident is only possible with the help of a reputable, trusted attorney.

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