What Impact Will Moderate or Severe TBI Have on a Person’s Life?

If a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, it can fill your life with unknowns. You don’t know if the one you love will recover. You don’t know if the damage will be moderate or severe. The only thing you can do is wait while medical staff do their jobs. The journey to recovery may be long. There could be weeks or even months in the hospital. A coma is common. If your loved one comes out of the coma, they may be a completely different person who regains consciousness. A brain injury lawyer in Torrance can help you to deal with the consequences of a traumatic injury affecting the head.

The Effects of a Brain Injury Can be Subtle
When you speak to head injury lawyers Torrance, they’ll want to know all the specifics about your loved one’s brain injury, including what happened, who was at fault, what medical expenses have incurred, and if there have been lost wages. They’ll document all information related to the case. The next area of focus will be how your loved one has been changed by this tragedy. While your loved one may appear to have a complete physical recovery, there could be personality changes. Cognitive abilities may be affected, such as the ability to multitask or take on common thinking skills. Memory, the ability to read, comprehension, and speech could be affected. Your loved one may not be able to perform fine motor skills, such as writing or typing.

A Brain Injury Could Lead to Extreme Disabilities
In other cases, your Torrance brain injury attorneys may take into account any extreme effects of a brain injury. Because the brain controls the rest of the body, your loved one may be affected in more than just the ability to think. Vision problems, balance, and difficulty with walking may be a result of a traumatic brain injury. Your loved one may become the victim of serious seizures. In the most severe cases, the one you love may experience effects that are similar to a stroke. Your loved one may not be able to care for himself or herself again. Working could be out of the question.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance Can Help
When you don’t know what to do after your loved one has received a head injury in an accident, turn to a brain injury lawyer in Torrance. The main goal will be to ensure your loved one has financial compensation that will address the toll an injury has taken on his or her life. Medical costs, expenses for rehabilitation, and the need for any assistance at home will be taken into account. Your loved one’s attorney will look at any lost wages and financial obligations that need to be met, including household expenses and care for family members. Your loved one didn’t ask to be hurt. An accident attorney in Torrance will fight for justice to help your loved one to have an improved quality of life after a brain injury.

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