What Causes Most Truck Accidents in Los Angeles?

It’s no surprise to anyone who lives here or has visited Los Angeles that it’s a big city. With a population of around four million people, the highways can get very crowded. Between going to work and fulfilling shipment orders, trucks and cars scatter the highways throughout this major city.

Bigger Vehicles Equates To More Damage
When it comes to accidents, most people tend to think that they’re all created equal. While vehicle accidents happen more often, they don’t have the same complexities of accidents involving trucks. Any good personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can tell you that truck accidents tend to cause more severe injuries and damages to other vehicles and objects involved.

If you think about it, trucks weigh well more than traditional automobiles. In fact, 18-wheeler trucks can weigh almost 30 times what the average passenger vehicle does. This means that a truck can cause considerably more damage than a passenger vehicle. These bigger trucks take a longer distance to come to a full stop, they can provide more damage to objects along the roadways, and can result in more devastating injuries. This is why having truck accident attorneys Los Angeles by your side when dealing with an accident is a must.

What Are The Common Causes Of Truck Accidents?
Los Angeles truck accident attorneys deal with accidents caused by a number of different factors. However, there are some common reasons that come up more often than others. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for truck accidents below.

Distracted Driving
This accident cause has shown a large increase since the existence of new technology like smartphones according to truck accident lawyers Los Angeles. Drivers can be easily distracted texting, taking pictures, looking at their email, and so forth when it comes to utilizing their smartphones. Just taking your eyes off the road for a few moments can result in a severe accident.

All truck accident attorneys Los Angeles know that fatigue can be a very common cause of accidents. This is because truckers know that they’re only making money while their wheels are turning. The more time they take off to sleep and recuperate, the more money they’re losing. This forces some truck drivers to continue driving regardless of their fatigued state. When a driver is fatigued, they don’t respond quickly to unexpected circumstances and their good decision making is greatly reduced. The first cause that your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will look at is driver fatigue.

Improper Training
Los Angeles truck accident attorneys know that training is paramount to the safety of big rigs and other drivers on the road. When an improperly trained driver gets behind the wheel of a semi-truck, it can result in severe disaster. Larger vehicles which are much heavier require special training to successfully operate according to most truck accident lawyers Los Angeles. Bigger trucks tend to be harder to maneuver on the roadway and take longer to stop. A driver has to be specially trained to deal with these circumstances.

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