Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

There has been a surge in truck accidents in Los Angeles, and unfortunately, injury cases are more than a hundred thousand, resulting from reckless driving, unfamiliarity with the road systems, driving under the influence of drugs, brake failure, and some other causes. In many cases, these unavoidable accidents result in both parties blaming the other. Regardless of the party at fault, it doesn't change the long-lasting trauma that the pain causes the family of the bereaved. Worse still, trucking is here to stay in Los Angeles; otherwise, the country’s economy would go bankrupt.

Due to the high population and the increasing number of trucks in the county owing to the number of construction sites and manufacturers, compared to the others, a resident of Los Angeles is more exposed to the danger of being a victim of such a disaster. Nevertheless, attorneys at Molchan Law understand the applicable procedural laws and what it takes to win a court case. Your attorney will work with you as a victim to file a claim against the company which owns the truck or the direct employer of the trucker.

Your attorney will investigate the case and pay attention to every detail that would result in a win. ‘How does he hope to achieve this?’ you may ask. The legal representatives at Molchan Law understand that you shouldn't have to pay the price for an inexperienced driver or an improper maintenance of a truck. You reserve the right to a fair compensation for a bodily injury or a property damage. Your attorney will ensure you win the case following due procedures like inviting witnesses and gathering the necessary evidence which will strengthen your court case. You can't go wrong in our field of experience.

Many court cases are at an all-time high, these trucks cannot be taken off the roads due to never-ending constructions on the roads to pave the way for smart cities and the increasing number of manufacturing firms to suit the densely populated county.  Even though truckers have a limitation to the time they can ply local roads, this factor does not completely rule out the possibility of truck accidents which, unfortunately, occur on a daily. Some truckers are resorting to driving light-weighted trucks with a preconceived notion of a guaranteed safety. Even so, some drivers are guilty of driving under the influence of hard drugs or alcohol in a properly-maintained truck.

Hence, you cannot escape the harsh reality of truckers being on local roads. While you are likely to fall into distress as a result of a bodily injury which may be life-threatening, a damage to your property or the loss of a loved one which may create a long-lasting vacuum, you can also get the best outcome for your case with the highly-skilled attorneys at Molchan Law.

We are here to provide all the support you deserve and help you win your case. Reach out to us get a free consultation with any of our pace-setting legal representatives.