When you are driving down an interstate, you always find yourself behind big rigs. When you do, it is natural to feel a bit nervous while behind the wheel. During a typical year, large trucks that travel across our nation account for 78,000 accidents and more than 400 deaths due to tire blowouts. While you may think these accidents take place under conditions that could not have been prevented, you are wrong. In fact, the vast majority of these accidents can be easily prevented by drivers and the companies for which they work. If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident caused by a big rig tire blowout, always seek immediate compensation by speaking with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles at Molchan Law.

Injured From a Big Rig Tire Blowout? Contact Our Truck Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

How Do Tire Blowouts Happen?
When a big rig tire explodes, it is most often not due to unforeseen circumstances. When these tires explode, negligence is usually the main factor. When a tire does not have sufficient air pressure, its elasticity is flexed beyond its limits and results in the rubber getting extremely hot. When this happens, it then loses its bond to the steel cord reinforcements found in the tire, leading to a blowout. Many times when you are driving along an interstate, you will notice pieces of rubber along the way, indicating a blowout took place. If you have been injured due to such negligence, speak to Los Angeles truck accident attorneys at Molchan Law.

How Do Blowouts Cause Accidents?
When a big rig tire blowout takes place on a highway or interstate, the vehicle is going at a high rate of speed. As a result, the pieces of rubber from the shredded tire fly in every direction, leading to them hitting those vehicles around and behind them. When this occurs, the impact may lead to cracked or broken windshields, damage to the front of your vehicle, or make you lose control of your vehicle and crash into a guardrail or other vehicles. In extreme accidents, the big rig may lose control and roll over onto nearby vehicles, leading to severe injuries or deaths to other drivers. If you were involved in such a serious accident, contact truck accident lawyers Los Angeles accident victims rely on from Molchan Law.

Blaming the Victim
Despite it being obvious the big rig tire blowout caused the accident, many trucking companies and insurance companies will choose to blame the victims who suffered serious injuries in these crashes. Whether saying you were driving recklessly or were distracted from talking or texting on your cell phone, these companies will say and do anything to keep from paying compensation for their negligence and carelessness. If you sustained serious injuries from a big rig tire blowout yet are being blamed for the accident by others, do not sit back and allow this to happen. Instead, contact truck accident attorneys Los Angeles victims know will help in these situations, such as those from Molchan Law.

Examine the Trucking Company's Records
Since big rigs are supposed to be highly-regulated and inspected on a regular basis to keep them in excellent condition to be safe while on the road, your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will start building a case by examining the trucking company's records very closely. By doing so, they can look at such things as whether or not the truck was recently inspected and was passed by the mechanics in charge of this task, how old the tires were at the time of the accident, and whether or not the company or individual driver has a history of prior accidents or safety violations. Since it is likely key evidence will be found when doing this, make sure you contact Los Angeles truck accident attorneys as soon as possible after your accident.

Make Good Use of Expert Witnesses
Due to the complexities associated with big rig accidents, your truck accident lawyers Los Angeles residents trust from Molchan Law will likely work with accident reconstruction analysts who can act as expert witnesses for your case. By having these experts closely examine all details of the accident, they can formulate a scientific opinion as to what led to the accident. Since this testimony often carries great weight in court, always make sure you place your trust in our truck accident attorneys Los Angeles accident victims know have a track record of success in these cases, such as attorneys from Molchan Law.

Document Your Medical Treatment
If you have been involved in an accident involving a big rig tire blowout, you probably suffered various types of serious injuries. Most likely, these include broken bones, cuts to your face and body, head injuries such as concussions or serious brain injuries, and blunt force trauma that may have led to internal bleeding or organ damage. If you suffered any of these or other injuries, always make sure they are documented as quickly as possible following the accident. To do so, allow paramedics to treat you at the accident scene and then take you to a hospital for additional treatment. By doing so, you get immediate and possibly life-saving treatment for your injuries, and also have doctors immediately enter your information into medical records. Once this is done, insurance companies will have a much more difficult time saying you were not seriously injured in the accident.

Gather Evidence
If you are able to do so, always try to gather as much evidence as possible linked to the accident. This should include a copy of the police report, speaking to others who witnessed the accident, and taking photos of the accident scene. By having as much evidence as possible to back up your claims of how the accident happened, your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will be able to build a much stronger case on your behalf.

To make sure you gain maximum financial compensation for your big rig tire blowout accident, schedule a consultation with Los Angeles truck accident attorneys at Molchan Law.