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Truck accidents are clearly the most deadly crashes on the highway. No standard passenger vehicle or truck is a physical match for an 18-wheeler or other type of commercial container truck. Accidents can happen at a moment's notice in any particular situation, none of which are a good scenario. Multiple vehicles are also commonly involved in truck accidents, especially at higher speeds on the open road, which can also make determining fault for the accident even more complicated.

Our Torrance truck accident attorneys understand how complicated and serious these collisions can be, and that is why being properly compensated for personal injuries always requires solid legal representation from a firm like Molchan Law truck accident lawyers Torrance when pursuing whole damages.

What Your Torrance Truck Accident Attorneys Can Do
It is never a good decision to attempt handling a truck accident claim personally. Cases that go to court are always strongly defended, and they often contain legal technicalities that any insurance company or negligent respondent will want to use in avoiding financial responsibility for damages. Your truck accident lawyers Torrance from Molchan Law can conduct a full independent investigation into the collision and craft a version of events that is beneficial to your claim. Both the trucking company and their insurer will be focused on lessening the value of any claim, and even more so when there are multiple vehicles involved. In addition, your accident attorney can question the police officers and witnesses who supplied testimony when certain facts do not comport with other statements. All truck accidents have unique aspects, and each material fact can be important when effectively applied to your injury case.

Establishing Fault
All auto accidents hinge on the concepts of fault and negligence. This stipulation can even matter fundamentally in a state like California that uses pure comparative fault law allowing all drivers to receive financial compensation for injuries even when they are largely at fault. Only drivers who are totally at fault for a collision are denied financial benefits for injuries. Determining fault can be very complicated when three or more drivers share equal fault, and all legal representatives will be arguing diligently for their injured client. Trucking companies understand this legal issue, which is why they often dispatch an accident investigation team to the scene even while the case is still being investigated. This can put the injured victims at a real disadvantage when the transportation company is attempting to influence the accident reconstruction process, and it is a primary reason why injured parties should contact a truck accident attorney like Molchan Law truck accident attorneys Torrance as soon s possible. It is the responsibility of the plaintiff legal counsel to provide evidence that their client was injured by the negligent actions of the defending party, and evidence can evaporate fast in some collisions. Transportation companies know this situation, and failure to contact an attorney immediately can have a negative impact on the value of any claim.

Potential Damages
Total injury damages following a truck accident depend on several factors for each claimant. Primary financial damages are termed compensatory and can include money for medical bills, lost wages when they apply, and property damage. The most valuable element of most injury settlements are the general damages for pain-and-suffering, which are also considered compensatory payments. Each claim will contain reimbursement for specific items that are designated by discreet dollar amounts, but general damages for pain-and-suffering are estimated per impact on the claimant until the injuries rehabilitate fully. The problem is that many injuries resulting from a truck accident are lifetime injuries. In addition, when a case goes to court, punitive damages can be assessed by a jury when the plaintiff attorney can prove gross negligence on the part of the driver or the shipping company employer, both of which can significantly enhance the value of an injury claim.

Personal Contribution to the Accident
Settling a trucking accident injury case commonly depends on the assessment of fault for each driver involved in the collision. Many drivers do not realize that studies show most truck accidents are not the fault of the truck driver. Part of the reason for these numbers is that the shipping company employer and their insurance providers defend the cases strongly. However, many accidents are actually caused by the victims when driving mistakes are made, at least to some degree. While passengers who are injured in a truck accident are rarely assessed for comparative fault, all drivers will be evaluated for their contribution to causing the accident. This value is expressed in a percentage that will then be used to discount the total damage payout for an injured driver. This negotiation is usually the most intense portion of a claim settlement, even in a pure comparative law state, and it is the element of an injury claim where your truck accident attorney works hardest.

Wrongful Death
It is also a fact that truck accidents often result in fatalities, which can also produce the possibility of a wrongful death claim when gross negligence can be established in a trial on the part of the truck driver or the shipping company. The potential legal action against the employer can make truck accident injury claims very valuable, and they can be exponentially valuable when the immediate family has recourse for loss of consortium and future financial support claims. Standing for a wrongful death legal claim in California is assigned firstly to the decedent's legal spouse or any dependent children and compensation can include reimbursement for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of support until adulthood
  • Loss of normal family relationship

Punitive damages are also available in certain truck accident cases when a driver may have been in direct violation of highway rules and regulations or if instructed by the shipping company to skirt the law in any manner. The fact that both can be pursued for damages is important, and the aggressive Torrance truck accident attorneys at Molchan Law always pursue full damages for injured clients.

Contact a Torrance Truck Accident Lawyer
Never attempt handling a truck accident claim personally because they can be much more valuable than a claimant realizes. Anyone in California who has been injured in a trucking accident should contact Molchan Law Firm truck accident attorneys Torrance for a full free case evaluation.