Torrance Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

The human body is both surprisingly strong and very delicate at the same time. People are vulnerable to all sorts of possible injuries. One of the most serious is an injury to the spinal cord. This is the part of the body that connects the person's brain with their limbs. Even relatively minor spinal cord injuries have a long recovery period. A more serious spinal cord injury can be truly devastating. Low level spinal cord injuries can impede the function of the legs. A higher level injury can impair the use of the torso and the hands. It can also make it hard someone to breath and even lead to their reliance on a ventilator. People with spinal cord injuries face all sorts of physical challenges.

These are some of the worst injuries a human being might face in life. The spinal cord is unable to regrow cells. This means that any injuries are not only likely to be temporary but are likely to be more permanent. A chronic spinal injury can be treated. People can be stabilized and they can recover some function. However, many people are left paraplegic where they are paralyzed from the waist down. Some may have limited or no movement at the neck level. This is a medical condition known as quadriplegia.

People can have a spinal cord injury for many reasons. Sometimes this happens when the person is born as a result of a birth injury. In other cases, people can suffer a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident. A single sideswipe of a car or a slip and fall and the injured party can face life long consequences.

In the immediate aftermath of a spinal cord injury, the person will be transported to a local hospital. They may need all kinds of medical treatments including multiple surgeries. Treatment may also necessitate help from varied specialists to help regain motion. The injured party may spend weeks and even months in the hospital. Once they leave the hospital, a person can also face all sorts of issues as they adjust to the injury and think about life beyond it.

Many expenses often pile up as a result of such an injury. An injured party may face massive medical bills even if they have good insurance. People with spinal cord injuries may need to make many changes in life. Their living space may need to be completely adjusted to allow for a wheelchair. For example, an entryway might need a ramp. The same is true with bathrooms and other living spaces. A person with such an injury may also need to have specially dedicated transportation. They might need to buy a handicapped van just to get to work and other activities. People with higher level injuries may also need ongoing help at home for basic tasks such as dressing and feeding themselves. In addition, they might need to have ongoing therapy sessions to make sure their limbs do not atrophy and help with range of motion.

Legal Assistance
When you or someone you loved is hurt in a spinal cord injury, you might be eligible for financial compensation. A spinal chord injury lawyer in Torrance will be able to help you or your loved one along the way. The Torrance spinal cord injury attorney can work on your behalf. When clients work with our spinal chord injury attorney in Torrance, they have the full attention of the attorney. A Torrance spinal cord injury attorney can provide many important benefits for their clients. While they cannot remove the injury, they can help the injured party get the full backing of the legal system on their side and make sure the party is held fully and completely responsible legally and financially for causing or contributing to the person's serious injuries. There are many ways that a spinal chord injury attorney in Torrance can assist our clients with any form of injury.

Losses from a spinal cord injury can take many forms. Many injured parties face huge bills starting from the very transport to the hospital. At the hospital, costs can quickly escalate. Once the initial injury has stabilized, many parties face all sorts of problems that can directly impact their quality of life. For example, someone might have a job that requires them to be mobile or lift lots of heavy items. They might be required to climb steps and navigate conditions like icy roads and beaches. Many people with a spinal cord injury may find it hard to get to work. They can also find it impossible to do their jobs after an injury.

A spinal cord injury can lead to an immediate loss of funds as the person is unable to get back to work. The person may ultimately need to get an additional education in order to switch jobs and find a different profession. Their earning capacity can be limited in the future as they need to make several medical appointments in order to fight off potential side effects from a spinal cord injury such as bed sores. The person may be the main earning in their household. This means that others in their family are also suffering as a result of their injury. A child may depend on the injured party to get to school and to pay for their needs. The person may also be the main caregiver for a child and be unable to continue that role for a long time.

This is where working closely with a spinal chord injury lawyer in Torrance can pay off. Our team of talented lawyers work with our clients to help them meet their bills. They also fight for compensation for other issues such as emotional distress, pain and suffering and the loss of consortium. A spinal cord injury is a tough injury. It can take many years for the injured party to fully remake their life and finally move forward successfully. Our team is there for the injured party at every step of the way with the legal help they need.