Whether you are in a large big-box store such as Walmart or in a small local business shopping for clothing or groceries, the last thing you expect to happen is an accident while walking down an aisle. However, should you unexpectedly walk on an aisle that has just been waxed, has a spill that has yet to be cleaned up, or has items left there by employees or other customers, you may find yourself involved in a slip and fall accident. Some of the most common accidents that occur in businesses, they can result in serious injuries that may take many months to heal. In the meantime, you will be facing large medical bills and lack of income from being unable to work, meaning you may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit against the store. But since these cases can often have more complexities that you might imagine, consult with slip and fall lawyers Torrance accident victims trust, such as those of Molchan Law.

Duty of Safety to Customers

For any business that opens its doors to the public and invites people in on a daily basis, it has a legal duty to provide an environment that is considered to be safe based on reasonable expectations. Thus, whether your accident happens at a large corporate store or a local "Mom and Pop," the business can be held liable for your injuries. However, to have a winning case in these matters, you must be able to prove your accident happened due to various unsafe conditions that were present at the time. Though this sounds easy to do, it very often is not. Therefore, always rely on personal injury attorneys at Molchan Law who are experienced in handling slip and fall accident cases.

Why Slip and Fall Accidents Happen
Since slip and fall accidents are so common in stores and other businesses, there are many different reasons why they occur so frequently. One of the most common is when customers slip and fall due to ice and snow that may have been allowed to accumulate in the doorway of a store or has been tracked onto store aisles by other customers. Along with this, customers can slip and fall when tripping over floor mats that are frayed but have not been replaced by the business. In addition, spills that have not been cleaned up by store personnel often lead to many slip and fall accidents. Finally, some of these accidents happen due to poor lighting within an area of a store or business. Whatever the reason, it is imperative you seek legal advice as quickly as possible by consulting slip and fall accident lawyers at Molchan Law.

Holding the Store Accountable
Once you have decided to pursue a personal injury lawsuit for your slip and fall accident, winning your case will come down to being able to hold the store accountable for its negligence and carelessness. To do so, your Torrance slip and fall attorney will look at several factors. For example, if the store owner created the unsafe conditions, such as waxing a floor and failing to post warning signs, they can be held liable for your accident. In other situations, if the owner knew of unsafe conditions yet failed to take steps to remedy the situation, you can have a strong case against them. Since in-store surveillance footage and eyewitness testimony is often crucial in proving these cases, put your trust in personal injury attorneys at Molchan Law.

Customer Accountability
When people slip and fall in stores, they think they have an open and shut case against the business. However, that may not be so. To win your slip and fall accident case, you and your Torrance slip and fall attorney must show the court you exercised reasonable amounts of caution while in the store to avoid such accidents. Also, you must show the conditions which caused your accident were not so open and obvious that you could have avoided having the accident. Thus, no matter what led to your slip and fall accident, you as the customer will also be held to a standard of accountability in these situations. To ensure you come out a winner in your personal injury lawsuit, work with slip and fall lawyers Torrance victims know have track records of success in these cases, such as Molchan Law.

Gaining Compensation for Your Injuries
When you have a slip and fall accident, many types of injuries may occur. These can include concussions and perhaps traumatic brain injuries, broken arms and legs, neck and back injuries, and many others that will result in numerous medical bills and lost income. Thus, when filing a lawsuit, your slip and fall accident lawyers will seek maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages.