Torrance Product Liability Lawyer

Big businesses are known to cut corners in the manufacture and design phases of their products. This is done at the expense of consumers who end up paying a heavy price for the consumption of these products. Faulty products can result in severe injuries and death. The manufacturers of these products owe a standard of care to consumers, and when they fail to hold their end of the bargain, they need to pay for the defects in their products. If you have suffered an injury caused by a product, it is wise to consult with a product liability lawyer Torrance. The lawyer will examine the merits of your case and determine who is liable.

Product Liability for Producers
Producers and manufacturers have the responsibility of ensuring that their products are safe. They should do this by:
• Giving warning to consumers about all the potential risks.
• Taking corrective action if they notice a safety issue
• Monitoring their products for safety purposes.

If they fail to do this, then they are held legally liable for the defects and faults in their products. There are instances where producers or manufacturers are solely responsible if their products cause harm. In other cases, the liability is shared. For example, a manufacturer may outsource supply parts from another source. Liability is not always clear. This is why victims need the help of a product liability attorney in Torrance to investigate the production and supply chain to determine who is liable.

Product Liability For Distributors
Liability can also be extended to distributors and retailers. They have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of the products they are selling or distributing. Distributors should not knowingly sell products that are unsafe. This also applies to recalls. If the distributors are found in the passion of these products, then they must identify the producer. Distributors are not legally held liable for the harm caused by these products if they identify the manufacturer. Penalties may also apply if they sell outlawed products or those that have been recalled.

Distributors and suppliers also bear a legal responsibility to keep the products in their warehouses safe and free from damage. If a product is altered or damaged while it is in the possession of the distributor, then they can be charged for consumer injury. As a victim, you can also bring a lawsuit against a supplier or distributor.

Establishing and Proving Legal Liability
Product liability is classified under a personal injury claim. To prove legal liability, the claimant must establish the following:
• That the accused owes a duty to the claimant
• That the accused breached this duty or standard of care
• That the breach was a proximate cause to the injuries suffered by the plaintiff
• That the plaintiff suffered an injury or actual damages as a result of the breach.

How to File a Product Liability Claim
If you have suffered injury from a defective product, you need to document the incident. For starters, you can take a picture of the defective product. It is essential to seek medical attention immediately. Visiting a doctor helps to add credibility to your claim. It is hard to claim and prove injuries if you do not have a doctor's report. Ask the attending physician to give you a detailed report of the injuries you suffered and any future medical consequences. This will be entered as proof during the lawsuit negotiations or trial. Once you have this document, a lawyer will help you file a claim based on the state laws.

Get Help From a Torrance Product Liability Lawyer
There are several reasons why you need to seek the legal expertise of a product liability lawyer Torrance.

Product Liability Cases Are Complicated
Liability claims are dealt with under state laws. These laws differ from one state to another. For instance, the statute of limitations may be longer in some states and shorter in others. You need a lawyer who understands the judicial procedures in Torrance. Knowledge of the state laws may determine whether you will win or lose a liability case. A factual or legal problem can get your case dismissed even if it was legitimate. It is ill-advised to handle a product liability case without the guidance of a Torrance product liability lawyer.

Product Liability Cases are Not Easy To Prove
Product liability cases often involve technical and factual aspects. This means that to win a claim, you must investigate how a product is made and present these facts to the jury. If you are suing a vehicle manufacturer, for instance, you need to get an expert in the auto field to explain to the court the defect of the flaw in the design. These experts need to explain the details in a coherent way to the jury. These details are often complicated for those who do not specialize in product liability cases.

Manufactures Will Try To Avoid Responsibility
Manufacturers are always looking for ways to wiggle out of paying claims. If you are suing a big company, the chances are that you are not the first one. This means that they have done it before and their lawyers are experienced in this. In fact, most companies have litigation as part of their ongoing costs. What this tells you is that they already have aggressive lawyers. It is in your best interest to get a lawyer to represent you because you will be going up against experienced lawyers.

You Stand a Better Chance With a Lawyer
Most product liability cases will involve more than one person. Lawyers can handle class action lawsuits that affect dozens or even hundreds of consumers. A class action can be the best way to make a manufacturer pay for injuries caused.

You deserve to be compensated for injuries you have sustained due to a defective product. However, whether you receive the amount you deserve will be pegged on whether you get an experienced lawyer to fight for you. Product liability cases are complex and should be handled by professionals. Do not attempt the case on your own. A product liability attorney in Torrance can be your greatest arsenal in such cases.