Not everyone is honest about the injuries they received in a car crash. It is well-known that many people make fraudulent claims to get more money than they should. If you were in a car crash and you believe the other driver has made a baseless claim against you, it is important to respond with vigor and decisiveness. You cannot ignore such a charge and hope that it will go away or that the person will be persuaded to tell the truth. You must fight back and should start by hiring the best car accident attorney in Torrance.

How to Fight Fraudulent Claims If You Have Car Insurance

Before you pursue the matter any further, you should make your insurer aware of your suspicions. Once you do so, the adjuster in charge of your case will investigate the claims of the other driver fully. Your job is to give the adjuster all the information you have about the accident and everything related to it. You will need to give them a detailed account of all that occurred before the crash, the events that followed it, and the names and contact information of people who witnessed the accident. If you took photos of the collision and of the other driver after the crash, you should send the adjuster copies of them.

Insurance companies make it their business to pay as little as possible to accident victims. They will be keen to find any evidence that disputes the claim made by the other driver.

What to do if You Do Not Have Car Insurance
Even if you do not have car insurance, you can still expose and challenge a fraudulent claim. You will have to take the lead in the investigation yourself. Again, you will need to start by recalling the particulars of the crash: how it unfolded, the speed of the two vehicles, the severity of the impact, the physical state of the other driver afterward, and injuries that they may have sustained.
It is especially important for you to take pictures of the crash scene if you do not have car insurance. This is the only way to prove the condition of the vehicles and the other driver after the accident.

Acting on Your Suspicions
If the other driver seemed relatively unharmed moments after the accident and they file a lawsuit against you claiming grievous bodily harm days after the crash, then you will need to do some detective work to demonstrate that they are faking their injuries. The best way to carry out the investigation and defend yourself legally is to hire the best car accident attorney in Torrance.
Even if you know that the other driver is faking their injuries and has no real case against you, it is best to bring in a Torrance car accident lawyer. Lawsuits are serious, and you don’t want to make a technical misstep that can cause you to lose an easily winnable case.

Proving Fraud
Most people are not as clever as they think when they make fraudulent claims. Greed often overtakes good sense, and they make claims that are so outrageous that you will have little difficulty disproving them. If the other driver in the crash claims to have sustained severe neck or back injury or some other injury that would run up significant medical bills and put them out of work for some time, then your lawyer can submit photos or even video film that shows them mobile and active after the accident. Your attorney also has a right to see the medical bills they claim to have, and they can send a private investigator to their place of work to find out if they have actually taken days off.

Social media can also be the downfall of fake insurance claims. The investigators working for your Torrance car accident lawyer will comb the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of your antagonist. Even when they are trying to get money through insurance fraud, most people are unwilling to put their lives on hold. If your auto accident lawyers in Torrance uncover social media photos or updates that show behavior inconsistent with the claimed injuries, then these posts will be submitted as evidence against them.

The investigation may need to go even further. If the person making the suspicious claim has gone dark on social media, then the auto accident lawyers in Torrance you hired may need to monitor their daily activities directly. This is usually done through their in-house private investigations team. The latter will track the movements of the person who has filed suit against you. They will take photos and video record their actions and activities. If their behavior and physical ability is inconsistent with the injuries they have claimed, then the evidence gathered will be used against them.

If you suspect the claims made against you after a car accident, then you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Torrance. You will need the expertise and experience of a personal injury lawyer in Torrance to defend yourself against fraud.