Importance of Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer in Torrance

When you use public transportation such as city buses, you do so for many reasons. Along with the convenience of not having to use your personal vehicle, you are also using this form of transportation because its drivers are supposedly well-trained and experienced. As a result, you expect your ride to be a safe one. However, numerous accidents take place daily involving city buses, leaving passengers battling serious injuries. Yet when it comes to filing a lawsuit to gain compensation for your injuries, you will quickly find these cases are particularly complex for many reasons. If you are wondering who can be sued in a bus accident, speak to personal injury attorneys at Molchan Law.

Bus Accidents
When you are involved in a bus accident while riding a bus owned by a city, you will need to remember the bus is owned not by a private company, but rather the government entity of the city itself. Because of this, you will face numerous legal hurdles when pursuing compensation for your injuries. While the city's attorneys may try to convince you a lawsuit is not possible, that is not the case. In fact, using experienced bus accident lawyers in Torrance from Molchan Law will help you discover ways you can hold the bus company and its driver responsible for your injuries.

Tort Claim Act
Under the Tort Claim Act, you may be allowed to sue a negligent driver and bus company for your injuries and other damages. However, you will find their liability may be limited in these cases, which could impact the amount of compensation you receive to pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, and your lost income. However, do not let this deter you from seeking maximum compensation following your accident. Instead, turn to Torrance bus accident lawyers in Torrance at Molchan Law for legal advice and guidance.

Driver Negligence
When these accidents occur, an examination of evidence often indicates the bus driver was negligent in one or more ways. For example, like other drivers on the road, your bus driver may have been distracted by talking or texting on their cell phone while they were supposed to be focused on their job. In other situations, the bus driver may have failed to follow traffic safety laws, or may in fact have been drunk or high on drugs. To make sure all evidence is carefully looked at in your case, rely on the knowledge of bus accident attorneys in Torrance from Molchan Law.

Scope of Employment
To pursue a personal injury lawsuit that will allow you to hold your bus driver accountable for their negligence and carelessness, you must prove the driver was in the scope of their employment when the accident took place. While this may sound complex, it simply refers to the driver performing their duties and acting within their normal job responsibilities leading up to the accident. Once this is proven, the bus driver and company can be held accountable for your injuries. Should you have questions about this area of your lawsuit, speak to personal injury attorneys at Molchan Law immediately.

Poor Hiring Practices
When bus accidents take place and evidence begins to be closely examined, it is often found that bus companies engaged in poor hiring practices that led to a person being hired as a bus driver who never should have been behind the wheel. Shockingly, it is often discovered that many bus drivers who are involved in serious accidents were hired for their jobs despite having extensive criminal records that include DUI charges and convictions. If this is the case with the driver who caused your accident, always make sure you hold the bus company and driver responsible for this gross negligence by hiring bus accident lawyers in Torrance from Molchan Law.

Manufacturer Defects
Since large buses are very complex motor vehicles, it is sometimes found that they have manufacturing defects that led to their crash. Some of the most common defects often found to have been primary causes for serious accidents include poor brakes, tires, or safety features designed to protect passengers on the bus. If this is thought to be a major reason why the accident took place, expect the bus manufacturer to put up a strong legal fight to defend its reputation. However, do not let yourself be intimidated by this and believe you have little chance to gain substantial compensation following your accident. By hiring Torrance bus accident lawyers in Torrance at Molchan Law, you can have expert legal representation on your side that can coordinate with accident reconstruction experts. When this is done, these experts can point out these defects and act as expert witnesses in court, allowing you to also sue the manufacturer for your injuries and related damages.

Written Notice and Compensation Caps
When pursuing a lawsuit under the Tort Claim Act, you must be aware of two important aspects. First, you will be required to provide written notice to the government entity that you are suing. In doing so, remember that each local, municipal, and state government has different notice requirements, so always make sure you are aware of these and do not miss critical deadlines. Also, depending on the entity you are suing, there may be a cap on the amount of compensation you can receive. If this is the case regarding your lawsuit, always be sure you work with bus accident attorneys in Torrance who have an excellent track record of success helping their clients gain maximum compensation for injuries sustained in these accidents.

Due to the many complexities that go along with bus accidents, many victims may give up and think they have little if any legal recourse. However, this is far from being true. In most cases, it is quite possible to win these cases and gain substantial compensation to pay your medical bills and replace the money you have lost from being unable to work. To learn more, schedule your consultation today with personal injury attorneys at Molchan Law.