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Boating is an activity that many people enjoy. It feels good to get on to the water, to feel a fresh breeze on your body and the sun in your face. Such an excursion can provide hours of fun and entertainment. However, certain safety precautions must be taken if disaster is to be avoided. The owner of the boat is responsible for the safety of everyone onboard. If you have been in a boating accident caused by negligence or recklessness, you can claim compensation. Your first move should be to search for boat accident lawyers near me.

Boating Accidents and Negligence
Negligence is one of the main contributing factors to boating accidents. It is easy for boat operators to get distracted or to get carried away with partying. A boat operator has a responsibility to the people on the vessel. They must plan their journey before getting underway. They should be familiar with the water space, chart their course, know the latest Notice to Mariners, and take other actions that will prevent the boat from running aground. They should also stay constantly aware of other vessels in their vicinity, and they should keep up to date on the latest weather reports. They should also ensure that all the equipment and devices onboard are safe and secure, that the deck contains anti-slip materials, that they have the right safety equipment, and that there are guardrails in place.

Failure to take such measures can lead to an accident. If you have been the victim, then you can sue the owner and operator of the boat for negligence. Negligence is the result of a failure to act with reasonable care. Hiring boat accident lawyers near me can help you put your case together.

Types of Boating Accidents
Negligence, inattention, and outright recklessness can make the operator of the boat liable for your injuries. Here are some of the kinds of accidents that can happen on a boat:

1. Collision
Two boats running into one another constitutes a collision. All boat operators have a responsibility to avoid an accident at sea. Even if they have the right-of-way, a boat operator must take evasive action if another vessel is bearing down on them. In the event of a collision, it is likely that both operators will be found at fault. If you are injured in the collision, you can build a case against both operators.

2. Wake accidents
As a boat speeds through the water, it leaves behind wake. The size and speed of the boat determine the scale and power of the wake. Boat operators must remain alert for wakes. If a boat crosses the path of a wake, it can create a sudden and violent jolt. If you are on deck when such an incident occurs, you can be knocked down, thrown out of your seat, or even thrown overboard. Any of these incidents can cause serious injury.

Proving the case of negligence in a wake accident can be challenging. If the boat operator took reasonable action to avoid crossing paths with a wake and still got caught up in it, they may avoid liability for any injuries sustained by passengers.

The operator’s liability in a wake accident will be determined by the size of the wake, the speed they were going at, visibility, boat traffic, and whether are not they warned passengers about the wake. If an operator was boating in a careless manner in a crowded boating area, then they will more likely than not be held liable for wake-related injuries.

3. Collision with stationary object
If the boat collides with a rock, shipwreck, or other stationary object, it can lead to a serious accident. You and the other passengers can be thrown to the deck or into other items or surfaces on the boat when such an accident occurs. If the boat operator is inattentive and drives recklessly, then they can be found negligent and liable for your injuries.

4. Defective safety equipment
According to state and federal law, all boats must have proper safety equipment onboard, including life jackets, life rings, whistles, and fire extinguishers. These items must be kept serviceable, which means that they should work when needed. If the boat you were on is without these items or they malfunctioned when you needed them, then you can hold the boat operator to account.

Getting the Law on Your Side
Personal injury attorneys are dedicated to preserving the rights of their clients and pursuing their interests. If you have been injured in a boating accident, the personal injury attorneys you hire will have one goal in mind: getting you adequate compensation. Although you may need to file a lawsuit, your case need not go to trial. In fact, the best boating accident lawyers Torrance knows how to get the person liable for your injury to offer you an out of court settlement.

The road to such a settlement is not always easy, especially if you are dealing with their insurance company. Most boat owners and operators have insurance that covers personal injury. But all insurance companies are reticent to satisfy even the legitimate claims of an injured party. The insurance company you go up against will try to find ways to deny your claim or to minimize the amount of money they pay you. That is why you need the help of Torrance boating accident attorneys. It is the only way to get the law on your side.

The Torrance boating accident attorneys you hire will investigate the events and circumstances that led to the accident. They will review police statements, interview other passengers, and examine forensic reports to determine how the accident happened. Your personal injury attorneys will also consult with your doctors. The value of your case will depend largely on the injuries you have sustained and your prospects for recovery.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, boating accident lawyers Torrance can help you. You should call boating accident lawyers Torrance to get a better understanding of your legal options.