Torrance Boating Accident Lawyer

Statistics by the United States Coast Guard indicate that there were about 3,153 injuries and 672 deaths boat deaths reported in 2010. Boat accidents are more common than most people would presume. Boating and cruising are activities that are very common, and this has also increased the frequency of accidents. If you have been involved in a boating accident, it is imperative that you consult with boating accident lawyers Torrance.

Causes Of Boat Accidents
The common causes of boat accidents include:

Reckless Operations
Careless boat operations is one of the common cause of boat accidents. Boat captains hold a duty of care to the passengers and other water vessels. Some of the reckless behavior that can cause water accidents include:

  • Allowing passengers to sit in inappropriate places that can endanger their well-being.
  • Violating the low wake rules
  • Failing to keep a keen eye on other water vessels.
  • Failing to keep a safe distance
  • Failing to give way to another boat
  • Being distracted on the phone
  • Overloading with cargo or passengers
  • Excessive Speed

Boats and all other water vessels are supposed to maintain safe speeds. It is very easy to lose control when over speeding and this happens many times. Over speeding can cause serious accidents and can even lead to death. When operating under a safe speed, the boat captain has good visibility on swimmers, other boaters, hazards and objects in the water.

Faulty Boat Parts
Boat parts need to well-maintained to ensure they are operating smoothly. The captain should report and attend to any issues before having passengers on board. Boats also have a scheduled maintenance routine that should be observed. Faulty boat parts or lack of maintenance can put the passengers at risk. The boat owner can be held liable for accidents as a result of poor boat maintenance.

Boat Passenger Carelessness
A boat captain should explain boating rules to all passengers. Passengers are not allowed to stand when the boat is moving. They should also not obstruct the driver when taking photos or doing other activities. The boat driver must always have a clear line of sight when operating the boat.

Alcohol Use
Driving while under the influence of alcohol is an offense. Boat drivers are not supposed to operate boats with a blood alcohol content of more than 0.08. It is also illegal to drink alcohol when operating a sea-vessel. Maximum concentration is needed to avoid accidents. If you have suffered injuries in the hands of a drunk boat driver, you need to be adequately compensated for your injuries. By searching, “boat accident lawyers near me,” you will be able to contact a boating accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Inexperienced Boat Divers
Boats require special skills and bigger boats need more experienced drivers. Inexperienced boat drivers can cause boat crashes, tubing accidents, water skiing accidents, and many others. Boating companies have the responsibility of ensuring that they hire qualified and experienced boat drivers. Failure to do so can have them legally liable for the injuries or damage caused by their driver.

Bad Weather
Boating captains are supposed to check the weather reports and patterns before they sail out. In the event of bad weather, it is safe to dock or avoid going too far into the lake or ocean. High winds are also dangerous for boats and captains need to stay vigilant.

Breach Of Duty In Boating Accidents
There are several instances that constitute a breach of duty, including the following:

  • Operating a sea vessel with poor lights or restricted vision
  • Operating a boat without the proper qualifications
  • Failing to use navigation lights
  • Not paying attention to other boats, skiers and swimmers.
  • Defective boats and faulty parts.
  • Over-speeding
  • Failing to follow all boating laws and regulations
  • Operating vessels while under the influence of alcohol
  • Failing to carry the essentials safety equipment
  • Boating in bad weather
  • Boating in unauthorized zones.

Filing For A Boating Accident Lawsuit
Victims of boating accidents can file for a lawsuit to get compensation for the injuries suffered. The process of filing differs from one state to another. This is why you need the expertise of Torrance boating accident attorneys. First, the lawyer will prove negligence. This is not always easy because there are aspects of negligence that must be demonstrated. The plaintiff must start by establishing that the defendant owed a duty of care and that it was breached, which caused the injury.

Compensation In Boating Accidents
If you prove negligence, you are entitled to compensation. Generally, the plaintiff is entitled to medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.
Medical Costs

Medical expenses refer to the current and future costs of treating the injuries suffered. You can also receive compensation for surgical procedures, physical therapy and even ambulance costs.

Lost Wages
If you suffered injuries and you need time off, you can sue for lost wages. If you are permanently disabled and unable to resume work, you will also be compensated based on the pay you were receiving and your financial obligations.

Pain and Suffering
Boat accidents can also result in emotional and physical trauma. This can take a toll on an individual. For example, one may need psychiatric care. You need a good lawyer to argue pain and suffering.

Looking For A Boat Accident Lawyers Near Me?
If you are in search of a boating accident lawyer near me, then you can benefit from hiring boating accident lawyers Torrance. Our lawyers have represented clients like you before and are well versed with personal injury cases. It is import to note that personal injury laws are complicated. It is also not easy to prove negligence. Boat accidents also require extensive investigations. There are instances where more than one person may be legally liable for the injury. The lawyer will need to conduct an in-depth investigation to prove liability.

Insurance companies are not usually keen on paying the full settlement amount. They will always try to find ways to wiggle out of a financial commitment. This is why you need the expertise of Torrance boating accident attorneys.