Spinal Chord Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Spinal cord injuries are a fact of life in an unpredictable world. The costs can be insurmountable if you do not know where to look for help.

That is why it is important for victims in the Los Angeles area to reach out to a spinal cord injury lawyer in Los Angeles. As soon as possible, injured parties in the area must call a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to get the advice they need to pay off hospital bills and other expenses.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are categorized into two major types as either a complete or incomplete injury. They are also denoted as higher-level or lower-level injuries. A complete injury is defined as cases where the body does not function at all below the level where the injury occurred. In these situations, the victim does not feel any sensation or is unable to move at all on either side of the body. Complete injuries occur at any section of the spinal cord.

Comparatively, incomplete injuries refer to cases where there is some sensation or movement capability below the injured section of the spinal cord. Similar to complete injuries, an incomplete injury can occur anywhere on the spinal cord. This complicated medical environment can easily leave victims scratching their head about how to read insurance policies. That's why victims should call a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to get the help they deserve.

Another spinal cord injury distinction that is often discussed is whether the problem is a higher-level or lower-level injury. As might be discerned from these descriptions, higher and lower-level injuries refer to the upper body or lower body regions. When all four limbs are paralyzed, the condition is known as quadriplegia. Paralysis limited to the legs and feet is called paraplegia.

Consulting a spinal cord injury attorney in Los Angeles makes sense for California residents in trouble. A professional by your side to represent you through the rough waters of insurance claims and hospital red tape makes sense. There is no time to wait. A Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney can mean the difference for California victims, determining whether your family's bills are paid or you are forced to file for bankruptcy.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

By far, motor vehicle accidents account for the majority of this type of physical impairment. As of 2010, Live Science reports that 36.6 percent of spinal cord injuries are caused by traffic accidents with falls following close behind causing 28.5 percent of spinal cord health challenges. In the same article, Live Science blames violence for 14.3 percent of these injuries with sports' accidents rounding out this group of causes at 9.2 percent.

Victims spend years learning to live with their injuries or recovering in the best case scenarios. That's why California victims should call a Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney to get the advice they need.

While there is no doubt that adapting to this type of significant life event is difficult, there is no time to spare. The key factor to consider is that treatments should start immediately. As hard as it may be for a new patient to start physical therapy immediately, a patient's prognosis improves the sooner treatments begin. The paralyzed muscles need to be conditioned and strengthened. California victims should call a spinal cord injury attorney in Los Angeles to expedite the funds necessary to get started healing.

Treatment Expenses
The National Spinal Cord Statistical Center reports that the average length of stay in acute care centers in a hospital is 11 days. Average number of days devoted to rehabilitation units is slightly more, averaging 35 days. These averages can vary dramatically depending on the details of the situation.

SpinalCord.com published Christopher Reeve Foundation expense figures for the first year, reporting that high tetraplegia victims should estimate care expenses to be a million dollars, with low tetraplegia patients paying an amount closer to $767,000 to cover medical expenses. Comparatively, paraplegia victims and other patients suffering from a loss of motor functions can expect to pay first year expenses ranging from an estimated $518,000 to $347,000. These expenses are not always paid to cover California victims' costs in a timely fashion by insurance companies without the help of a spinal cord injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Medical costs do tend to decrease following the first year of treatment with high tetraplegia paying about $184,000 per year, with subsequently lower costs for all other patients estimated to average about $69,000 for paraplegic patients.

In conclusion, because the costs for such treatments are so high, it is absolutely important to call our spinal cord injury lawyer in Los Angeles to help you get the settlement necessary for medical bills as well as pain and suffering. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.