Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorney

Accidents are usually disheartening. They are worse when they can be avoided. Have you ever visited a property in a residential or business area and in the course of your visit, sustained injuries? These injuries might range from slip and fall incidents to dog bites, accumulated snow to broken ground floors, swimming pool mishaps to fire accidents. More often, these accidents are as a result of negligence on the part of the property owner to fix appliances that are in faulty conditions or dangerous states.

Aside from popular belief that when an individual sustains an injury within the premises of a property, the property owner that is blamed is sometimes not viable. If you have sustained injuries at a property, you may want to ask yourself a few questions like; did the property owner intentionally neglect that faulty pipe whose spillage led to your fall? Or did the landowner fail to fix the faulty switch which led to a fire outbreak while you were within the confines of the facility?

While you, the person involved in a personal injury case might feel violated after suffering an injury, it is consoling to know that insurance can compensate you. However, the compensation depends on the severity of the accident. Determining the severity of the accident is sometimes cumbersome. Therefore, it is important to seek legal backing by employing the service(s) of a competent liability attorney or a lawyer.

A premises liability claim is a lawful plan that is enforced when an injury occurs due to hazardous situations or contact with faulty equipment within the premises of a building or property.

Getting a premises liability lawyer has numerous benefits, one of which includes the attorney guiding the injured individual (defendant) on proving if the landowner was careless with the maintenance of his property.

Slip and Fall Cases

Many individuals suffer slip and fall day in, day out. It is one of the most common injury types that occur in residential areas. Slip and fall incidents are usually caused by; defective stairs. Accumulated snow, oily and wet floors, improper arrangement of rugs and broken ground floors. It is normal to suffer a fall once or maybe many times in your lifetime, but the question is, can they be avoided?  Naturally, we are obligated to be responsible ourselves, and our wards to prevent mishaps because property owners are not always at fault neither are they always careless or negligent. However, property owners should be held responsible for accidents within their properties if they:

-fail to stop the cause of the stop of the spillage which led to the fall.

-are aware of a dangerous spot which caused the fall, but they neglected it.

-are aware of a dangerous spot and intentionally ignored it before it was fixed by a ‘careful' individual.

If you have encountered a slight hazard in a property, you should speak to a Premise Liability Lawyer immediately. Getting a lawyer is necessary because the financial burden acquired during and after treatments of an injury is sometimes heavy. It is only fair that you get settled. Here at Molchan Law firm, we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients get the best. Our best Los Angeles slip and fall attorneys will help to alleviate the burden associated with obtaining settlements for injury cases. Our clients are always happy with our services which is why we have gotten so many referrals over the years.