The Dangers Of Motorcycle Usage

Riding motorcycles has become an increasing favorite pastime for many individuals. They account for 3% of registered vehicles currently in use, which is about 9 million motorcycles. That being said, they also contain the largest proportion of traffic-related deaths and injuries. While riding motorcycles can be a great deal of fun, it does have its risks. At times, car drivers aren't entirely aware of a motorcycle near them and may strike the rider. Consequently, a motorcyclist may need to seek a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. To understand the differences between motorcycle accidents and car accidents, this article will compare the two and go over the statistics of each.


One similarity that both car and motorcycle accidents share is that the primary reason behind the accident was due to either alcohol or speeding. In fact, the Department of Transportation saw in their Fatality Analysis Reporting System that speeding, alcohol, and distracted driving all played a role in 58% of accidents that were deemed fatal. This statistic was taken in an analysis of the years 2004 and 2013. Interestingly enough, cell phone usage was only found to be a cause in 1% of the fatal accidents.

To break down the differences and similarities between common car accident causes and common motorcycle accident causes, further investigation was performed. For common factors leading to car accidents, the primary culprit was distracted driving. 25% of all cases showed a cell phone was involved while driving. While certain people may claim that they are incredible at multitasking, the statistics show differently. Driving while distracted typically slows your reaction time, so when something occurs in front of you, behind you, or beside you, you are unable to react accordingly and quickly. This can lead to certain individuals needing to find a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles against you.

Another frequent reason for car accidents is driver fatigue. Those who were too tired to take the wheel--but do so anyway--are at risk for missing stop signs, stop lights, and obeying other traffic laws because they are not fully focused. If you happen to be hit by a fatigued driver on your motorcycle, you should find a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you deserve from the accident.

One final common cause for car accidents is aggressive driving. Whether the driver is late for an appointment or just thinks they own the road, this form of driving can make them disobey the traffic laws and cause serious injury to those they interact with on the road. It can especially affect motorcyclists.

The reasons for motorcycle accidents are slightly different. The primary cause of accidents for motorcycles is when a car makes a left-hand turn. Sometimes this can be done unexpectedly or performed if the car cannot see the motorcycle beside them--to look completely. It is in these instances that you require the best motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles to ensure that you receive justice. 42% of accidents on the road involving a motorcycle and it usually involves a car turning left.

Another area where motorcycle accidents are caused is lane splitting. This means the motorcyclist is driving in the middle of two lanes. While this is sometimes performed to slow cars behind them because of an accident ahead, sometimes motorcyclists abuse the freedom of the road. If you have an accident because of lane splitting, it's important that you find the best motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles to protect yourself.

Road hazards are another main cause of motorcycle accidents. For example, when a car might be able to bounce right over them, a motorcyclist is far more at battle with the road. Potholes, uneven lanes, and slick roads are all possible hazards that might make a motorcyclist lose control. In such cases, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can help you with a claim against the road commission.

Differences In Alcohol
There are a few differences between motorcycle and car accidents involving alcohol, too. For one, alcohol tends to play more of a role in accidents involving a motorcycle than a car. In fact, one in three motorcycle accidents is usually because of alcohol. This is different when compared to 25% for car accidents. Because of the harsh punishments that can come with being convicted of driving under the influence, it is imperative that motorcyclists find motorcycle accident attorneys Los Angeles to represent them and protect them.

If you are a motorcyclist or car driver and have been involved in an accident that involves a motorcycle, then you should consider hiring motorcycle accident attorneys Los Angeles to protect your interests. The stakes are high and could include your freedom. Call us today.