Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists often face serious risks of grave injuries if they are hurt in any sort of accident. If this applies to you, you will need a dedicated Los Angeles motorcycle accident injury attorney working tirelessly on your behalf. A lot of people may not even determine the full extent of their injuries until they have gotten the chance to recuperate to some extent from the accident. Our best Los Angeles motorcycle attorneys will give you all the support you need and help so you obtain your maximum compensation on time.

Motorcycle riders might sustain critical injuries including TBIs, spinal cord paralysis, head, neck and shoulder pain that radiates and causes them health issues for many weeks or months. You might be entitled to file a legal claim for compensation after consulting with a seasoned Los Angeles Motorcycle accident lawyer.

Trying to manage a case like this by yourself or assuming that your car insurance company would swoop in to save the day might be a big mistake. Your insurance company is mainly interested in protecting their bottom line and reducing the potential for any claim. This is the reason why you need a Los Angeles motorcycle injury lawyer that will do everything possible to collect the evidence connected with the accident and recreate the scene. Talking to expert witnesses, reviewing your medical condition and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf is our job as your attorneys.

Nothing is more pleasing than being the law firm that motorcyclists go to anytime they are involved in a serious crash. Building confidence and getting to know our clients is our top priority and we strive to make sure that our clients get the personal attention and compensation they deserve. Our law firm handles any type of motorcycle accidents. This provides us with a good understanding of these types of cases as well as necessary medical care and treatment for a full recovery.

After a motorcycle accident, you can’t throw your future up to chance. The insurance company might deny your claim or offer you with ridiculously low compensation. Your injuries can lead to a disability that prevents you from pursuing your career anymore, and you might not be able to recover and financially support yourself and your family. However difficult your current condition might be, at Molchan Law firm we believe there is always a solution to help you get your life back in order.

Our Los Angeles motorcycle injury attorney will fight for you even if your case gets difficult. Therefore, our competent Los Angeles motorcycle attorney will take on cases that other attorneys won't. Our best Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys are independent, have a sound knowledge of local motorcycle law & riding practices, and have a desire for justice.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

  • In 2012, 602 motorcyclists were killed in accidents.
  • On average, 100,000 motorcyclists are injured in riding accidents each year.
  • Motorcycle fatalities make up 15% of all motor vehicle deaths.
  • Motorcycle fatalities have raised significantly in the last ten years, even though vehicle fatalities are decreasing for cars and trucks.


Molchan Law Injury Lawyers take motorcycle accident cases very seriously because we know the difficulties the victims go through after an accident. Permanent disability, scarring, and rehabilitation are frequently associated with Los Angeles motorcycle accidents, and we know your ability to afford future care is on the line when you do not get proper compensation.

Insurance companies and lawyers for defendants know our name in Los Angeles because of our record of successful case recovery and extensive representation for victims.