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At different workplaces, hundreds if not thousands of workers are exposed to work-related accidents. For instance, maritime, construction, and oil and gas workers are always exposed to slips, trips and falls, burns, electrocution, near-drowning, auto-accidents, deep cuts, chemical injury, brain and head injuries, and many others. Not only workers, but even normal people also suffer from other forms of accidents like an auto crash, pedestrian accident, domestic violence, etc.

Regrettably, these people do not get justice. This is always the case despite that there are existing laws enacted to protect the rights of accident and its related victims. Therefore, people become increasingly despondent whenever they fall victim to accidents. Well, this is where Molchan Law comes in.

At Molchan Law, we offer a wide array of legal services bordering on injuries. For over 10 years, we have carved a niche for ourselves in providing justice and compensation for hundreds of our clients scattered across the United States. Well, we can achieve this feat because we have experienced lawyers, who ensure that our clients get the right compensation regardless of how difficult the defendants may be or how intricate the circumstance is. Indeed, the competent team at Molchan Law works round the clock to ensure that justice is served. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Molchan Law covers California. Now, go over to our FAQ section to learn more about our services now.

Frequently Asked Questions
What sort of legal service do you offer?
Basically, we offer legal protection to clients who sustained injuries in workplaces, homes, walkways, and many more. Most times, people fear they may lose compensation they are entitled to as stipulated by their local laws especially when they cannot afford the services of a good lawyer.

What kind of cases do you handle?
Much as there is a wide range of injuries occurs in our everyday life, we focus primarily on the head and brain-related injuries, ensuring we get the most from all the cases brought to our chambers.

What categories of head and brain injuries could someone sustain?
In truth, a victim may suffer from any of the following head and brain injuries:

Brain injuries: Also, known as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), brain injuries can be so severe that it could lead to coma and vegetative state

Anosmia: Furthermore, an injured person may suffer from anosmia - a condition characterized by someone’s inability to use his sense organs effectively. Head injuries sometimes worsen to anosmia

Memory loss: Also, this brain-related condition occurs when a victim isn’t able to remember anything – in a worst-case scenario, he can’t even remember his name! This condition may be caused by head injury or stroke.

When someone has any of these conditions, what is he expected to do?
We encourage him to make an appointment with our lawyers in our office so that further examinations can be carried out to ascertain the exact extent of damage (in the event of no prior medical report).

What next?
Well, after medical examination (or reexamination) of the victim’s condition, our team of qualified head injury lawyers, brain injury lawyers and other injury attorneys will take up the case. These experienced lawyers will ensure that all our clients get legal protection and compensation according to the policy of the company or his local laws, most especially where a client fears the compensation may be denied.

Does a victim have to pay before consulting your lawyers?
No, the client is entitled to free consultancy services under defined terms and conditions stipulated by the firm.

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