Driving Alongside Bicyclists: 10 Rules for Drivers

A bicycle accident lawyer in Torrance is probably aware that several hundred cyclists die in traffic accidents every year. With this important insight in mind, a bicycle accident lawyer in Torrance encourages drivers and bicyclists to be safe. Check out these great tips on how to handle a bicyclist when you are on the road. 

-Change Your Attitude
First things first: Let’s change your attitude about cyclists. Instead of thinking that cyclists should get out of the way, consider thinking of them as your equal.
If you find yourself getting extremely frustrated with a cyclist, just stop for a minute and think about the person who is on the bike. What if the cyclist was your coworker, best friend, or family member?

When you see a cyclist in this way, you will probably be a little more patient and understanding whenever you see one on the road.

-Know Cyclists’ Rights
Many people may be unaware that cyclists have rights too. In many states, cyclists have the same rights as drivers.
Since bicyclists and motorists need to follow the same rules and regulations, cyclists in the roadway are often considered vehicles.

-Understand Cyclists Vulnerability
If you talk to a bicycle accident lawyer in Torrance, the professional will likely tell you that a cyclist will experience more injuries than a driver when a vehicle and bike collide.
A car weighs significantly more than a bike, so it’s not too surprising that a bicycle accident attorney in Torrance would see the bike always lose.

-Spare Bicyclists The Right Hook
Now that you know the vulnerability of cyclists, it’s important to practice good driving etiquette.

When you are making a right turn, be sure to signal your intentions. A bicyclist could be a little behind and plan to continue going straight ahead, so you could accidentally hit a cyclist if you fail to use your right turn signal.

-Exercise Caution For The Left Turn
A personal injury attorney in Torrance has probably witnessed the following scenario: A motorist attempting to turn left notices an incoming cyclist but thinks there is a lot of time to make the left turn.

More often than not, motorists do not have as much time as they think. Most bicyclists travel around 15 to 20 miles per an hour; as a result, you should always yield when trying to make a left turn for safety reasons.

-Provide Bicyclists With Sufficient Clearance
A Torrance bicycle accident lawyer will likely suggest that drivers offer bicyclists at least three feet of clearance.
If you give a cyclist enough space, you are less likely to collide with one, according to a bicycle accident attorney in Torrance.

-Stay On The Lookout
According to a Torrance bicycle accident lawyer, drivers and bicyclists should both look around when on the road.

A personal injury attorney in Torrance who has been handling many lawsuits will most likely tell motorists and bicyclists to stay looking out for everyone.

-Exit Your Car Slowly
Before you exit your vehicle, make sure that a cyclist is not approaching.
A bicyclist could accidentally hit a flung car door while riding near a row of parked vehicles.

-Appreciate The Benefits Of Cycling
Cyclists can offer you many benefits. In general, bicyclists do not wear out the road, which equates to less potholes.

In addition, bicyclists lessen traffic congestion for everyone on the road.

-Cyclists Aren’t Going Anywhere
Several people are choosing to ride a bike more often because it’s a great way to get exercise and reduce commuting costs. 
Due to the significant increase in cyclists on the road, you might as well make peace with bicyclists.
These are some great rules for drivers and bicyclists to know.

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