Can You Claim Whiplash in a Bus Accident?

Public transportation is a great way to get around the city without having to invest tons of money in your own vehicle. However, just like any other type of vehicle, bus accidents happen. Understanding what to do if you’ve been injured in a bus accident is a necessity to ensure you get the compensation that you deserve.

Determining Fault
When you’re in your own vehicle, it’s fairly easy to determine the fault of a vehicle accident. However, when you’re a passenger on a public transportation bus, the situation can get more difficult. Throw in the fact that public transportation doesn’t have any seatbelts and it can really seem confusing. Bus accident lawyers in Torrance can assist you in determining just who is at fault for the accident.

In cases where your bus accident lawyers in Torrance determine that the driver of the bus was at fault, then it’s the bus company’s insurance who should pay for your injuries. Going after a large busing company can seem overwhelming at first. But, personal injury attorneys are used to handling cases involving large-scale companies. As soon as fault is determined, they’ll start collecting evidence to support your case.

Collecting Evidence
Bus accident attorneys in Torrance know that evidence is the cornerstone of any good case. They’ll deploy their team of experts to get as much evidence as possible to support your case. This will require medical evidence such as scans, appointment cards, and so forth. In the event of whiplash, it can be a hard injury to prove. So, having all the medical evidence they can get goes a long way in proving your case.

Personal injury attorneys will also take time to evaluate the bus, if possible. They’ll collect information from other key witnesses of what they saw at the scene. In some cases, they may even interview your family or friends to get a recollection of what you reported at the time of the accident.

You Have Rights
As a passenger on public transportation, you have rights just like everybody else. You’re entitled to personal injury compensation and accident claims just like other drivers on the roadway. While this type of accident can seem more complicated than most, bus accident lawyers in Torrance are here to help you weed through the confusion. The trick is contacting Torrance bus accident lawyers in Torrance as soon as the accident happens. The sooner they know about it, the sooner they can start collecting evidence.

Whiplash Injuries
Bus accident attorneys in Torrance deal with lots of injuries. Some of the most common are whiplash. This type of injury is not as straightforward as others. Rather, symptoms typically don’t show up until about 24 to 48 hours after the injury has occurred. If you notice symptoms occurring within this time frame, it’s best to contact your local physician. Document in a journal your symptoms, the doctor’s response, any medications that they give you, and so forth.

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