Can Someone Sue You For Falling On Your Sidewalk?

Can someone sue you for falling on your sidewalk? Of course. Anyone can sue anyone else for nearly anything. The better question is: can they win? That is a much more complicated question. Many people do, costing property owners (or their insurer) millions of dollars each year. Fortunately, premises liability attorneys handle these cases every day.

If someone falls on your sidewalk and injures themselves, their first call may be to a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to see if they can get someone else to pay for their injuries. Many people think that if they fall on someone’s property, the property owner has to pay for their bills. But that is not the law. To win, an injured person must show four things: that the condition of the sidewalk caused them to fall; that the sidewalk was unreasonably dangerous; that the condition of the sidewalk was caused by the property owner; and that the property owner knew or should have known that their sidewalk was unsafe. A premises liability lawyer in Los Angeles will look at all four of these things with a critical eye before deciding to take any case.

A lot of people think a crack or a hole in a sidewalk is a minor inconvenience and not especially hazardous. On the other hand, some people would look at the same crack and think that it is unreasonably dangerous—especially if that crack caused them to trip and hurt themselves. This difference in opinion and lack of set standard (for example, saying that a 1-inch crack is fine, but a 2-inch crack is dangerous) lead many sidewalk trip-and-fall cases to have to go to trial, which means that you are going to need a good personal injury attorney in Los Angeles if you want to recover for your injury. A Los Angeles premises liability attorney, having handled many of these cases, can look at your situation and compare it to others to determine if a jury is likely to be convinced that the sidewalk that you tripped on was unreasonably dangerous.

Even if the person can show that your sidewalk was unreasonably dangerous, they still need to show the condition of the sidewalk was caused by you, the property owner, and that you knew or should have known that the sidewalk was unsafe. A good premises liability lawyer in Los Angeles knows all of the common flaws that make sidewalks unsafe. Perhaps the weather caused the sidewalk to be unsafe , and the property owner did nothing to fix it, or perhaps a tree caused the sidewalk to be very uneven. These would both be situations where premises liability attorneys could sue the property owner and potentially win, because both of those hazards would have been known to the owner. If you have tripped and fallen on a sidewalk, call a Los Angeles premises liability attorney at Molchan Law today.

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