What to do When a Bus Accident Occurs

When you board a public transit bus or your child boards a school bus, your trust is essentially put into the bus driver and bus company. You expect the bus ride to be safe and for simply going from one place to a destination. Unfortunately, bus accidents occur just like other road accidents.

A bus accident can have significant consequences in more than one way. Passengers can suffer injuries and their loved ones can suffer as well, both financially and emotionally. Essentially, the legal system and bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles have the belief that a bus accident occurs as a result of negligence. When someone gets on a bus, they entrust the bus driver with their safety. An accident that occurs due to a bus driver’s negligence entitles the injured party or parties to recover compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages. In California, bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles can help the injured person to collect the compensation they deserve.

What to Do When a Bus Accident Happens
Immediately after a bus accident, you should check on any family members or friends who accompanied you on the ride. If anyone is injured, they will need immediate medical attention. Most likely, if the bus driver is unharmed or well enough, they will call for medical attention for any passengers who need it. Getting a full medical checkup is important as many injuries can lie dormant at first due to the rush of adrenaline that occurs in such a situation. Internal injuries may not make their presence known until later, even if a person feels perfectly fine after a bus accident.

The next thing you should do is research Los Angeles bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Once you have located the right personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, you can hire them to handle your personal injury case. It’s important to know that there are a number of regulations specific to certain bus companies and transit lines. Reputable Los Angeles bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles know about these regulations and will work to determine how they apply in your case. Of course, there are also statutes of limitations that put a limit on the amount of time you have to file a claim after a bus accident, especially if the government is involved. If a government entity comes into play in your case, you generally get a shorter period of time to file your claim. Bus accident attorneys in Los Angeles can ensure that your claim is handled properly and in a timely manner.

What Types of Compensation are Recoverable?
Generally speaking, the types of compensation you can recover after suffering injuries caused by a bus accident depend on the nature of your injuries. However, bus accident attorneys in Los Angeles can ensure you receive compensation for the following damages:

• Impairment of earning capacity
• Life care expenses
• Loss of consortium (services of an injured spouse)
• Lost wages
• Medical expenses
• Pain and suffering
• Punitive damages
• Vocational rehabilitation
• Wrongful death

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you determine which damages you are entitled to in your case. In general, the specific damages you can recover depend on the circumstances of the accident. If your accident involves more than one party being responsible, the damages you can receive will be portioned out among them. How the damages are calculated also depend on a number of factors, including your injuries, current wages and impairment of future earnings and more.

What Qualifies as a Common Carrier in a Bus Accident?
According to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, a bus is defined as being any motor vehicle that is capable of transporting more than 10 passengers. This includes school buses, large vans, church buses, maniacal transit buses, airport shuttles, tour buses, trolleys and interstate buses such as Greyhounds. Generally, many of these vehicles are considered “common carriers” by law, meaning they are subject to both federal and state licensing requirements and a variety of regulations. However, in the event of an accident involving one of these vehicles, state law determines if the bus company or anyone else is liable for compensating injured passengers.

Who May Be Responsible for Your Injuries?
There are a number of ways a bus accident can occur. As a result, there may be a question as to who might be responsible for your injuries and other damages. Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may determine that the following parties may be responsible:

Bus company: If the accident occurred due to a defective bus, the bus company can be held liable.
Bus maintenance company: If the bus company uses a bus maintenance company and that company failed to maintain the bus properly, you may be able to sue it for negligence.
State or local governments: Local governments may be held liable for injuries if a transit bus that is owned by the government is involved in an accident.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, it's important to speak with a lawyer immediately. Your attorney will help you to start a personal injury claim for a compensation amount you deserve.