Common Causes of Bike Accidents

There has been an increase in the number of people riding bikes. As a result, the number of bike accidents has also increased, especially among young people. If you have been involved in a bike accident, it is wise to consult with a bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. California has one of the highest records of bike accidents, and a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you after an accident. It is imperative for bikers to learn the common causes of bike accidents and safety tips to stay safe on the roads.

Common Causes of Bike Accidents and How to Avoid Them

The "Right Cross" Collision
An accident is said to be right cross when a car pulls out of a parking lot, driveway, or a side street exit to the right side of the biker. In such situations, the biker has already covered some distance in front of the car before getting hit. A right cross can also happen when a car pulls out in a fast manner and blocks the biker. Cyclists and bikers should ensure that they are visible to the drivers at all times. When approaching exits, you can flash your lights or wave to make contact with the driver. It is good practice to ride the bike further out towards the left so as to leave enough space to maneuver or swerve. If you have been involved in a right cross, you need to determine the party at fault. Always seek advice and representation of a reliable Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer. Such a bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles will arrive at the scene and carry out investigations to determine the party at fault.

The "Right Hook" Collision
The "Right hook" can happen in two ways. The first is when a rider is on a cross street and is hit by a driver because the biker is not visible when the driver is making a turn. The second way is when a car driver overtakes a biker and then cuts them by making a right turn. If the biker does not have enough room to swerve, then he collides into a car or slams it on the side. Just like in the "right cross," the best way to avoid these accidents it to ride further to the left. Even when a driver cuts you off, you will still have ample space to swerve. In such a situation, the driver is in violation and legally liable for damages and injuries. The law states that a diver should maintain a safe distance when overtaking a bike. Keeping a safe distance also means that the driver does not cut-off the biker.

The "Door Accident"
A door accident involving a bike is also referred to as a "door prize." This happens when the door of a parked car is opened in front of a biker. The biker was not anticipating that a door will be open and in most cases, he does not have the time to swerve or stop. These door accidents can also be avoided by bikers keeping further to the left. Bikers also need to maintain visibility of the cars parked on the right side. In this situation, the driver is also in violation. Bikes and cars have similar rights. If a driver swings the door open and hits a cyclist, then he is liable due to negligence. If you are involved in such a situation as a biker, talk to a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. The lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company of the vehicle owner and secure fair compensation for damages to your bike and any personal injuries suffered.

The "Rear End" Collision
Rear end accidents are more common with cars, but they can also happen with bikes. In fact, a drunk driver can easily hit a biker from the back. To avoid these kinds of accidents, bikers need to remain visible at all times. Ensure that your reflective gear, taillights, and headlights are in good working order. In most cases, your safety lies in you been seen by other drivers.

Get Help If You Are In an Accident
Safety measures when riding your bike can save your life. However, this does not rule out the possibility of accidents happening. Determining liability is not always an easy thing in bike accidents. In some cases, more than one person is at fault. This is why you need to work closely with a bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles. They will carry out speedy investigations and ensure that the matter is expedited to your favor. It is ill-advised to take the first offer made by your insurance company, consult with a lawyer to determine if you are getting fair compensation. Insurance companies are notorious for underpaying victims in an accident. A Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer can help you get what you deserve in form of compensation.